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  1. thingperson Mar 31, 2013

    Hey everyone sorry for not posting for so long, life got busy for me. I moved to 3 different places, went back to school, meet someone, got married and had a baby recently. But Im back and I hope to contribute more now and if not make this place more active at least make it a place people who have common interest and like come together and talk and find each other.

    Love sincerely, thingperson aka Elizabeth

  2. cagakiraasu Jul 07, 2011

    Vote for AthrunxCagalli: To all AthrunxCagalli fans, come together and vote for AthrunxCagalli on this official Gundam website! :heart:

    When you visit this website---> , you'd see a question on the left side of the page under 'VOTING'! To vote for AthrunxCagalli (????????in Japanese), click on the little circle in front of the 7th name...& you can vote for them once per day! :heart:

    Here's the question: Jul 7 is Qixi, to you who are the most representative couple that signify love that got separated but reunite? ;) :heart:


    Oh and you can also join the new AsuCaga fanclub on DA (deviantart)---> if you have an account there! :)

  3. Denkoo Apr 29, 2011

    Just started re-watching GS & GSD. Happiness.
    Athrun is my love <3 ^.^

  4. HaouJudai6 Apr 10, 2010

    Athrun rocks also one of the best pliots of all time hope i get accepted

    merged: 04-04-2011 ~ 11:04pm
    What's new you all?

  5. ennostiel Feb 28, 2010

    hello everybody
    how are you?

    it's a long time....

  6. thingperson Nov 03, 2009

    Hey everyone i wanted to welcome the new members i updated i hope everyone likes it here and thank you for joining..*smiles*.

    merged: 11-04-2009 ~ 03:25am
    I updated the vector section because i saw this cute vector of athrun when he is blushing talking to cagalli and i thought it was so cute..*smiles*.

    merged: 12-02-2009 ~ 09:36am
    Hey everyone I wanted to welcome our newest member Shi21 thank you for joining and i hope you like it here..*smiles*.

    Also i wanted to tell everyone im making a new layout for this group with new images and banners and i hope everyone likes it..*smiles*.

    Well i hope everyone has a wonderful day and have fun..*hugs*.

  7. HotaruZala Oct 30, 2009

    Happy Birthday to the sexiest anime guy ever!^^ I love you Athrun Zala! *hugs Athrun* lol

  8. toumarie Oct 29, 2009

    Happy Birthday to Athrun Zala 29/10/09
    I've made a new doujin for Athrun and Cagalli lovers ^^
    I love this one and I hope you'll like this too

  9. thingperson Oct 13, 2009

    Hey there everyone sorry i was away so long, i have had school and moving and health issues i have had to take care of but things are getting better and so ill be able to be back to a full time active member now...yay..As soon as i learned the new codes i will redo the colors of this page. Thanks to everyone for understanding..*hugs*.

    to lyxandra oh i know athrun is so hot..yay for hottness hehe

  10. lyxandra Sep 25, 2009

    Hi to all my co-members! ATHRUN IS REALLY HOT! (>.<)

  11. the-golden-princess Aug 01, 2009

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(...) athrun <3333333333 !

  12. toumarie Jul 15, 2009

    My Newest Doujinshi : Lovely Family

  13. veeh4anime May 31, 2009


  14. JuliaMotoko May 19, 2009

    Hello! :)

    I just wanted to say hi to everyone!

  15. ennostiel Mar 06, 2009

    it's a long time. i came back on MT ;-)
    sorry for my long absence, but bussy with my work :s
    kiss you

    merged: 03-24-2009 ~ 09:25am
    Ok if you can read french, I updated one of my asuca's fic. it's a UA ;-)


  16. luvacutez Jan 26, 2009

    Happy Chinese New Year Athrun! ^ w ^

  17. HotaruZala Dec 31, 2008

    Happy New Year to everyone and also my fave hot anime man Athrun Zala!^^

  18. amuikuto2009 Dec 22, 2008

    hi I just join now and I hope you can take good acre of me and I'm new here so goodbye!

  19. toumarie Dec 09, 2008

    My new doujin, it is not Athrun but his lovely children (twin) with Cagalli -toumarie's version-

  20. HotaruZala Dec 01, 2008

    Hi guys...sorry I haven't been around lately...things have been pretty hectic around my house since the holidays started. lol I finally managed to update my two fics Zala Files and His Favorite Things, so everyone stop by, check them out, and review them pretty please!^^ lol

    -His Favorite Things -

    -The Zala Files -

  21. toumarie Nov 01, 2008

    Happy brithday Athrun!'s November now T___T means I'm late
    @Liz : welcome back, glad to see you here again friend ^^
    @HotaruZala : Yeah! i'm waitin for the next Zala files ^^..I'll watch your video ASAP...kinda busy these days since my dad has passed away on Fri 24th ^^

  22. thingperson Oct 31, 2008

    Hey everyone sorry i havent updated this group lately ive been so busy with school and my computer messed up but im back now and im going to update as soon as possible *hugs*.


  23. virazalathha Oct 31, 2008

    happy b'day athrun!

  24. HotaruZala Oct 28, 2008

    @toumarie: *giggles* I'm finishing up writing my update for my Code Geass Masquerade fic, then I'm getting straight to work on Zala Files and His Favorite Things. lol...I'm also making amvs now, so I'm working on one for Athrun's birthday tomorrow!^^ I can't believe I almost forgot it was this week! lol shame on me as a rabid Athrun fangirl for almost forgetting...Athrun can hug me to death if he wants as my punishment. LOL

    merged: 10-30-2008 ~ 08:01am

    A special AMV I made for Athrun's Birthday!^^ Happy Athrunlicious Birthday to my fave sexy Coordinator Athrun Zala!^^ The opening scene in this amv is in English and the ending credits are in Japanese because I love both Athrun's voice actors Akira Ishida and Sam Vincent!^^ and bonus points to anyone who can spot Murrue in the vid. lol Hope everyone enjoys.^^

    - Sharp Dressed Athrun -

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